Welcome to Al Asbar Auto Industries LLC

Al Asbar Auto Industries LLC has been a trusted developer and manufacturer of high-quality armored automotive products serving militaries, police forces, heads of state, VIPs, commercial entities, NGO’s and peacekeeping efforts for more than 15 years.

Al Asbar is agile in its ability to customize products and offer tailor-made solutions to meet security challenges and needs with its dedicated team of designers, engineers and trained and experienced fabricators.

Our product range includes:

  • Armored Personnel Carriers for up to 10 occupants
  • SUV’s and Limousines for VIPs and heads of state
  • Special Purpose Commissioned Vehicles such as hunting
  • vehicles for safari and extreme off-roading
  • Armored Ambulances
  • Mobile Clinics
  • Armored Cash in Transit Vehicles
  • Portable Gun Ranges
  • Armored Guard Houses and Security Checkpoints
  • Armored Patrol Vehicles
  • Gun Mounts
  • Turrets and weapon stations

High Demand accessories such as heavy duty suspensions, winches and specialty lighting Additionally, we are able to provide and fit out our vehicles with other specialized equipment such as, bomb-jamming, RPG netting and other products to increase protection for our client’s safety.