About Us

The AL ASBAR GROUP is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates based holding company established in 2001 with a number of subsidiaries specializing in custom design and manufacture of an extensive range of specialty, military and civilian automotive products.

Additionally, we are a trusted name in high-grade armoring works for military, civilian and VIP applications. Al Asbar is a leader in specialized manufacturing and fitting of military equipment and accessories for both land and marine use.

The leopard was carefully chosen as the Al Asbar Group’s logo because it reflects the vehicles we manufacture swift, agile, strong and determined. This mindset is reflected in all of our designs and products.

The Al Asbar Group of companies are focused on meeting the complex and diverse needs of our clients in the automotive sector :

Al Asbar Auto Development L.L.C

is dedicated to custom design automotive works, research and development and testing for all Al Asbar Group specialty vehicle products. The Auto Development division also provides field testing and consulting services to other automotive manufacturers.

Al Asbar Auto Industries L.L.C

offers a wide range of specialty vehicles such as hunting vehicles and custom-design sand buggies ideal for use in the harsh desert terrains as well as mountainous regions here in the Middle East. This division also produces ambulances, rescue vehicles and refrigerated trucks for the food industry.

Al Asbar Armored Cars L.L.C

builds a wide array of light armored vehicles for military use, including troop carriers, fast-attack vehicles, munitions transports and border patrol units (including 6×6) offering protection up to B7 level. Civilian and VIP transport are also among the Armored Car division’s specialities utilizing the latest in armored technology.

Arctic Trucks Emirates L.L.C

is a joint venture with Arctic Trucks of Iceland producing number of exceptional modified vehicles including the Toyota Land Cruiser Extreme Edition (For Toyota)

Al Asbar Auto Accessories and Development L.L.C

is the trusted supplier of many quality brand-name after market products for all of the specialty vehicles we produce, as well as general aftermarket automotive products.

Al Asbar Specialized Vehicle Trading L.L.C

This division of the Al Asbar Group assists in the procurement of specialty vehicles, armoured vehicles and collector’s pieces on behalf of a select group of clientele.

Our Clients